Article for Coxley Live Magazine Re Progress On Parish Plan - Feb 2011

Sitlington Parish Council’s Parish Plan Implementation Committee has been meeting regularly since the launch of the Parish Plan in March 2010.

We have been working on the summary of recommendations made, and a timescale for achievement of as many items as possible over the lifespan of the Plan!

Many of the recommendations have depended on the Parish Council working with WMDC departments, such as Highways, Environmental Services and Planning, and other agencies such as the Neighbourhood Police Team. Whilst we make every effort at speed of achievement, sometimes it is very frustrating to depend on outside priorities, and recognising that in present times, funding is at a premium!

To begin on a negative note, our aim of erecting Sitlington Parish signs at roads on our boundaries was rejected by WMDC Highways, which was a disappointment as it would have gone a long way to establishing a Parish identity. We are considering other ways of signposting our Parish.

However, despite Highways declining to meet with us until at least February, lobbying by the Parish Council has resulted in provision of speed cameras at the Mining Museum, some attempts at safety measures on New Road, and the 20mph speed limit on Netherton Lane outside the school. We are seeking ways to monitor the effectiveness of these changes, and will continue to lobby for other measures such as pedestrian crossings at the junction of New Road and Netherton Lane, and any possible ways of making Blacker Lane safer for residents, walkers and motorists alike.

Our planning application for new allotments next to Netherton Cemetery is under consideration. This should go a long way to ensuring that anyone in the Parish who wants an allotment can be catered for. We are expecting a result any time now!

Our funding of the Police Safe Scheme, which provides extra policing in the Parish, has ensured that crime figures are down compared with other areas which have no such provision. Attendance by a police officer at our Council meetings ensures we receive a monthly report and can prioritise where we would like activity to take place: this report is also published on our website. We are meeting with the Neighbourhood Police Team to review the scheme, with possible expansion or revision.

Planning permission has finally been gained for the development of the old Coxley Mill as an educational resource. We look forward to seeing what this will look like!

One of the big recommendations is provision of a play area for Netherton, along with development of Netherton Village Hall. Various funding streams have been investigated, and announcements will be made soon about how these will be achieved.

Our current work is concerned with reviewing footpaths, bridleways and trails (including a possible cycle path by the canal) in conjunction with WMDC Environmental Services. Many will remember the wonderful Parish map which was produced some years ago – we hope to update this, along with guides to trails, and provision of waymarkers – which may even be illustrated by the new Parish logo!

Anyone wishing to remind themselves of what is in the Parish Plan please contact the Parish Clerk for a hard copy.

Helen Kirkpatrick, Chair, Sitlington Parish Council (

18 January 2010

An electronic copy of the Parish Plan 2010 can be accessed here.