At the Parish Council meeting held on 12 June 2012 it was agreed that work to create a further 29 allotments in Netherton should be put on hold due to budget restrictions. The meeting did however task the Allotments Committee with looking at ways to free up space on the current allotments sites to create further plots. Once these have been identified they will be let to those on the waiting list.

The Councillors are continuing to monitor the financial position and will commence work on the new allotment site as soon as the financial position of the Parish Council allows.

Allotments at Netherton Windy Bank, Netherton Central and Overton are fully let, but parishioners are welcome to put their name on a waiting list for any of the allotment plots. Plots will be allocated in the order in which people have contacted the Parish Council. To put your name on the list contact the Parish Clerk, giving your full postal address and indicate which list you would like to be included on. It should be noted, however, that the waiting list for all allotments is very long, so the wait is likely to be considerable.

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